Cardium offers cost transparency and strategic legal guidance to businesses and those that own them. We participate in networks of specialist services which include other niche firms and extend to the best of barristers’ chambers, legal software suppliers, litigation funders and insurance brokers. We build the right team to get the job done. Whatever type of client, Cardium develops the best solution that achieves the desired outcome.


An alternative method for settling disputes without having to go to court, our arbitration experience offers many advantages, but privacy is key and allows disputes to be settled without any dirty laundry having to be aired in public.

commercial litigation

Today’s fast-paced, ever-changing commercial world brings the risk of disputes between businesses, but our vast experience will ensure these are resolved quickly and cost-effectively, whilst leaving the ongoing relationship intact.

construction & real estate

Our experienced team advises on all aspects of the construction process, from the formation of any joint venture agreement or development contract, through planning, execution and project completion, including sale and site exit.


We help businesses of all sizes and complexity, with all forms of transactions and contracts, from complex M&A deals and investment agreements, to drafting standard terms and conditions, focused on sector specific issues and risks.

disputed wills & trusts

Disputes over the division of assets of an individual’s estate following their death, can tear families and family businesses apart, which is when our ability to quickly find the cause and handle matters sensitively and expertly are critical.


We provide a broad range of insolvency related legal advice on behalf of companies, individuals and insolvency practitioners, acting for directors in relation to insolvency issues, company administration matters and restructuring.

intellectual property

We provide clear and precise commercial advice to clients across a range of industries to ensure that your rights are properly protected and protection is enforced effectively and rapidly, whether the dispute is local or international.


We collaborate with a proven network of international partners to deliver focused, pragmatic advice to help clients’ global commercial activities, including disputes and enforcement to dealing with complex litigation and arbitration.


We will help you achieve a ‘Grant of Probate’, the legal authority to deal with the estate left when someone dies, which allows you to handle the person’s finances, bank accounts, property, assets, investments, debts, valuations, etc.

professional negligence

If a professional adviser's mistake costs you, through missed deadlines, poor guidance or negligent actions, our proven resolution strategies offer enhanced prospects of success through negotiation, arbitration or mediation.


Over decades we have developed a reputation for delivering advice and support in a way that allows clients to focus completely on their professional priorities, without the distraction of legal worries, knowing they are in safe, discrete hands.