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Cardium Law was founded in 2017 introducing a 21st century innovative approach to the law.  It is a carbon-friendly law firm which operates a paperless office and utilises modern technology to interact with clients and the legal system at national and international levels.

Working in the key business sectors of Construction, Business, and Finance has enabled Cardium to explore a niche in the English legal profession bringing enhanced access to insured funding for use in construction and commercial litigation, domestic and international arbitrations, and other similar processes.

Rather handily this means that clients don’t always have to use their own money to use Cardium’s high quality specialist services which, combined with a legal funding experience, enable clients to resolve high value legal issues without draining their cash reserves.

Cardium is able to provide this service by working in partnership with litigation funders, after the event insurers, and a network of skilled brokers. Cardium, through its highly experienced lawyers, has a vast network of contacts and an unrivalled understanding of how to structure deals for its clients’ benefit.

From this strong foundation Cardium has experienced significant expansion and following client demand has extended its product offerings to include corporate and commercial transactional work with a particular focus on construction, engineering and the fintech markets.

Due to its focus on high value litigation, and arbitrations, Cardium Law has developed a diverse and international client base.

This has led to it having first-hand experience of working in partnership with law firms in different jurisdictions and the difficulties and opportunities that arise from providing a global service.

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