Contentious insolvency issues are fast moving and complicated. Caught in the eye of the storm you need effective, clear advice provided to you timeously to protect your position.

In short you need someone who knows what they are doing. With our experience in this field we are ideally situated to be able to provide you with the advice you need.

Restructuring and insolvency situations require different skills to those found in other areas of dispute resolution. The rules are far more prescribed, the issues complex and time sensitive, and the consequences of not seeking and obtaining timely advice potentially fatal to your position. In this murky twilight world you need a guide as much as an advisor and our team specialises in navigating this labyrinth on your behalf to best protect your interests and maximise your commercial position.

The problems, risks and solutions that each of our clients face and need vary significantly dependent on which category they fit into. We understand this, and also how the actions of each class of participants can have repercussions for all of the others. Our full service provision in this sector allows us to better understand the motivations of each of the parties and to stay one step ahead. This allows us to deliver better outcomes for our clients that are in keeping with their overriding objectives.

We also advise on claims arising out of insolvency such as wrongful trading, preferences, and transactions at an undervalue, together with presenting and defending insolvency and bankruptcy petitions, and dealing with the Official Receiver and insolvency professionals during the investigatory phase.

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We have worked with Matthew & Cardium Law on numerous occasions, and have found the service offered to be both responsive and efficient. We always know where we stand quickly when taking Matthews' guidance and advice.

- Maslow Capital

Having worked with Matthew for a number of years, we find that his service and advice is always prompt and to the point. The Cardium model is refreshing, with ease of access to Counsel.

– Seapoint Capital

One of the best professional negligence lawyers I've worked with.

- Marius Nasta, Redress Solutions PLC

We find that our instructions tend to fit into the following categories...

  • Instructions by financially distressed companies and individuals prior to insolvency events

  • Instructions from individual directors prior to or immediately following insolvency events

  • Instructions from creditors seeking to enforce security or get best value from an insolvency

  • Insolvency professionals during the course of their appointment

  • Distressed asset investors and business investors that wish to profit from the insolvency event