CLIF – cardium litigation insured funding


Meet "Clif"

This product is designed to finance claims where there is no available or usable source of funding.  It is aimed at Administrators, Liquidators, and companies which are unable to allocate or locate resources to meet litigation costs. We have a network of insurance brokers and litigation funders which underwrite the necessary funding and insurance package.

CLIF is our product that :

Provides the opportunity to litigate in an insured funded environment.

De-risks litigation and moves contingent liabilities off the P&L.

Provides a source of funds to pay solicitors, barristers, experts and court fees.

Insures against both the risk of losing a claim, and the funding of disbursements.

If a claim is suffocating from lack of funding, CLIF breathes life back into it.

Use CLIF to reinvigorate value.  Don’t leave it worthless, unfunded or let it form a big financial hole.


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