how we work with individuals


Our experience ensures we make the complex simple, whatever the legal challenge you face. And the solution to any issue starts with a free-of-charge meeting with the team here at Cardium Law to identify and discuss the problem.

From the hundreds of barristers we have developed strong relationships with, we will source the right one, ideally suited to resolve the issue at hand. We will then package your supporting data and paperwork, or help you to, if that’s what you prefer.

The next stage involves a round-table meeting with the chosen barrister(s) to help identify a legal and cost strategy that works for you. We help assess the best ways for you to meet your funding, insurance and other requirements, if needed to fight your case.

We then design a bespoke legal services package to enable the best possible route to a satisfactory resolution. Good communication and close collaboration is at the heart of our service, which sets Cardium Law apart from other boutique firms, to say nothing of larger full-service practices.


Construction client wins adjudication hearing

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