high court fixed costs service


This is a creative unique fixed cost service that is engineered to introduce fixed costs for both the barrister and Cardium. It involves designing the scope of work and a budget at the outset.  It will work well with high court claims in the business and property courts involving the Shorter Trial Scheme and the Flexible Trial Scheme.

The objective of both schemes is to achieve shorter and earlier trials for business related litigation, at a reasonable and proportionate cost. The procedures should also help to foster a change in litigation culture, which involves recognition that comprehensive disclosure and a full, oral trial on all issues is often not necessary for justice to be achieved. That recognition will in turn lead to significant savings in the time and costs of litigation.

The Shorter Trial procedure offers dispute resolution on a commercial timescale. Cases will be case managed by designated Judges with the aim of reaching trial within approximately 10 months of the issue of proceedings, and judgment within six weeks after that. The procedure is intended for cases which can be fairly tried on the basis of limited disclosure and oral evidence. The maximum length of trial would be four days, including reading time.

Cardium’s High Court Fixed Costs Service utilises a panel of specialist barristers chambers which, from the outset, will fix cost, identify tasks for the barrister & Cardium, and the client, in order to use this less expensive access to the high court.

Examples of when to use the Short Trial Scheme or Flexible Trial Scheme are:

  • A breach of contract
  • A breach of a duty of care
  • A simple cause of action
  • A claim without complex factual or expert evidence.

Even if a claim does not fit into the Shorter Trial Scheme and the Flexible Trial Schemes, there is scope to use the Fixed Cost service.  Call us if this sounds like what you are looking for.

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