how we work with Depositions for US Clients


We recognise the strength and global connections of the US economy, but understand when things go wrong, as an Attorney your clients will expect you to gather evidence from around the world.

The UK remains one of America’s main trading partners, which means the evidence and witnesses you need are often located within the UK. When witnesses choose not to co-operate, we can help you get what you need, using a Letter of Rogatory.

A Letter of Rogatory is a request made to the English Court for assistance in taking evidence from a witness by deposition or for the provision of documents. The process has stringent rules and if you are not familiar with the process it is easy to get it wrong - a few examples of these include:

  • Failure to include mandatory information in the Letter of Rogatory
  • Drafting the Letter of Rogatory too broadly and invalidating it
  • Failing to collate and provide the English Court with the necessary supporting evidence
  • Not dealing proactively and effectively with applications made by the witness
  • Failing to properly conduct the examination or understand English Privilege issues
  • Making requests for documents that are not specific or evidenced

Our experience and familiarity with this procedure ensures your application will avoid these mistakes. Your Clients will receive a high quality service in the UK that reflects your work on their behalf. We do this by:

  • Proactively advising you on the contents of the Letter of Rogatory
  • Advising what evidence you need to provid and helping you collate this
  • Tracing and serving the application for the deposition of the witness
  • Proactively resolving any objections raised by the witness
  • Arranging and co-ordinating the examination
  • Co-ordinating with the High Court to get the deposition sealed and served upon you

Cardium Law manages the deposition process from start to finish. This ensures the application runs smoothly and efficiently, to give your Clients the effective service they have come to expect form you.

Our team is co-ordinated by Christopher MacQueen who is a dual qualified New York Attorney and English Solicitor. Registered with the US Embassy in London (, we are here to help.

If you need our assistance, please contact Christopher MacQueen on +44 (0)20 7101 4888 or


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