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On a construction site there is a fine line between a contentious and non-contentious circumstance. Everyone has an opinion and with the advent of adjudications, a quick, cheap and efficient means of getting a ruling on their point of view.

It is a fast moving environment, which requires proactive and deeply experienced professionals to guide you through. Our team works on all aspects of the construction process from the formation of the joint venture agreement or development contract, right through to the sale and site exit. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of our Clients’ businesses and the long relationships which we build in the market.

Our experience does not end at Practical Completion, with our Real Estate Team priding themselves on assisting with both contentious issues (easements, covenant breaches, non-payment of rent) and the drafting of leases and licences of alteration. As our Clients’ interests morph we adapt to be there every stage of the way.

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adjudication process


(Step 1 – 8 takes 28 days, Step 9 takes 32 days)

Examples of work that we undertake include:

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Advice on Procurement

  • Adjudication on issues ranging from payment to variation and loss & expense

  • Claims Against Professional Advisors (e.g. architects, project managers and surveyors)

  • Contract Termination

  • Latent Defect Claims

  • Enforcement, retention of title and possession claims

  • Possession, forfeiture and eviction claims (commercial and residential)

  • Rent dispute and arrears claims

  • Covenants and easements (creation, enforcement and removal)

  • Property damage (defence and recoveries against third parties)

  • Disputes between lenders and borrowers, including repossession and enforcement claims