Litigation funding – why is it right for me ?

22 June 2020

In a post Covid-19 World (yes, one day it will happen) disputes are likely to be the order of the day as individuals and companies seek to recoup and pass on losses to their contractual counterparts. The sad reality is,…

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What is a Letter of Rogatory?

15 June 2020

In simple terms, a Letter of Rogatory is an essential tool for obtaining evidence for use in foreign proceedings. It forms part of the answer to the question, what do you do if you are in the USA or Asia…

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Resolving complaints and preventing drawn out disputes

8 June 2020

Given the difficulties faced by businesses coping with pandemic economics, juggling remote workers, skeleton crews and reduced output through social distancing, it is possible that even the best of performers will receive complaints from their customers or supply chain partners.…

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