how we work with businesses


We make even the most complex legal challenges simple by creating a close and efficient barrister-solicitor relationship that helps prevent you paying twice for the same service.

Reputation is the key to success and we ensure your work is handled by the barristers considered to have the best reputations appropriate to your business, on a local, national or international level.

This approach produces a combined legal service that avoids duplication of work and costs, whilst developing a tailored solution to the issues you face.

We start by understanding the matters at hand, then allocate work based on sound cost strategies. This follows a meeting where you join us, the funder, the broker and the barrister, to discuss the issues and possible solutions.

This builds the blocks for high value Litigation or Arbitration funding and After the Event (ATE) insurance. Cashflow drives the solution and, as your accountant will no doubt tell you, the insurance takes contingent risk off your balance sheet to shield profits from the potential impact of costly dispute resolution.

If your business regularly requires a dispute resolution process, then we can help design cost-saving workflows that can be repeatedly deployed to provide simple solutions and a competitive edge.


Construction client wins adjudication hearing

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