business and corporate disputes


This apples to sole traders, partnerships, and corporate businesses.

Our commercial litigation team resolves disputes that require negotiation, mediation or (ultimately) High Court litigation managed in the business courts or other specialist High Court divisions. Such disputes are often time consuming and complex involving detailed data analysis or they may be simple and easily resolvable.  Either way we design the right strategy that targets early resolution with a clear cost budget from the outset. The types of dispute that regularly arise are:

  • Breakdowns in Corporate relationships
  • Contractual claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • The provision of professional services
  • Join venture actions
  • Property disputes
  • Lender claims
  • Loan transactions
  • Fraudulent conduct

All of these have routes to resolution before a claim is issued involving pre-action protocols and mediation.

In circumstances where there is no contractual claim, there may be economic torts to pursue such as:

  • Inducing or procuring a breach of contract
  • Causing loss by unlawful means
  • Passing off
  • Conspiracy
  • Intimidation
  • Breaches of duties of care

Cardium is a specialist litigation practice with an excellent track record in resolving claims before and (on the much rarer occasion that a claim proceeds so far) at Trial. We are adept at forecasting costs and providing budgets that we adhere to.

When urgency is a priority and damages inappropriate, pre-action injunctions are the answer.  We have regularly advised clients on Freezing Orders over companies, properties, and assets to prevent dissipation so as to preserve the value of a claim.

Our strong relationships with litigation funders may also be a useful solution where funding is an issue.


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